Warsaw Zouk Festival
18-21 Jan 2018

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to be posted soon!

The schedule is subject to change!


17:00-20:30 choreo workshops
(please be a few minutes before, so we can start on time)
address: Rokosowska 10, 1st floor, swimming pool building, to get there: tram 7,9,25, or uber (cheap in Warsaw)
*after that the preparty starts at 21:30 in Millenium Plaza (Al. Jerozolimskie 123a), so some of you might want to have your party clothes with you :)
FRIDAY 19.01
12:00-15:30 choreo workshops in room 2
address: Sangate Hotel (the festival venue)  street: 17 Stycznia 32 (the street has been renamed to Komitetu Obrony Robotników 32, but it’s just a name change)
20:45 rehearsal
*between the workshops and the rehearsal you can practice in room 2
00:00 performance – everybody is welcome to perform :)
Girls: jean shorts and top, bikini or body colored, shirt tied at the waist, fishnet tights black or skin color and sneakers.Accessories are welcome, earrings, bracelets, caps and others.
Boys: not too tight jeans, white or black tank shirt/t-shirt, sneakers shoes and cap.